The heart of the studio is a Dell computer, with a Tascam US16x08 for the audio interface. Cockos's Reaper is our DAW, and updated regularly.

Our primary vocalist's condenser is a Blue Spark. We also have an MXL Mogami 992 in the rack, and have been very happy with its sound on male vocals, and as a room mic for acoustic and electric guitars. Our first choice for acoustic instruments is a Sony C-535P pencil condenser, which has a wonderfully natural sound on guitars and other stringed instruments. A classic Electro-Voice ND757 is available for clear-as-a-bell spoken-word recording. In the closet we also have a Cobalt C04, a great dynamic mic, very similar to a Shure 57 on speaker cans and snare drums. A Karma K-Micro condenser captures percussion instruments with warmth and depth.

Our external preamps are an ART TPS, a modified ART MP1, and a Shure SCM268.

For effects we have plug-ins from Plugin Alliance, Waves, Soundtoys, IK Multimedia. We have a variety of virtual instruments from Sonivox, Waves, and others, including two great sounding pianos, a Steinway D, and a Fazioli F228, the piano played on Adele's hit song "Hello'.